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35,000 تومان

Razmnama (Kurdish Mythology)

First Audio presentation of  one story from Kurdish Mythology


Fariborz Hamzeh'ee

Music by:

Pedram Jafarzadeh & Vahid Nazari Kermanshahi

With the cooperation of 

Morteza Mata'i (Vocal)

Farshad Afzali (Tanbur)

Ahmad Purabuqadareh (Kamancha)

40,000 تومان

Fishes' Eyes
Persian Anthology
Written and Read by Fariborz Hamzeh'ee
Musical Arrangement by Vahid Nazari Kermanshahi
Clarinet Quintet composed by Vahid Nazari Kermanshahi
recorded in Studio Dang-e Parau
Kermanshah, Iran

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