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Organization for Indigenous Knowledge and Oral Traditions is a non-governmental, non-profiting and independent organization working in the field of cultural ecology of the Zagros and Mesopotamian region. Due to nature of the subject, this NGO has until now been merely depending on the support and cooperation of few individuals.  This organization is hoping to receive assistance of any type from people who want to play a role for the preservation of cultural ecology of the above mentioned region.

The ideal goals of the Organization for Indigenous Knowledge and Oral Traditions are large and wide range. All the goals are relevant at the end for the purpose of sustainability. For that sake it attempts to collect and protect surviving material and non-material cultural elements. For thousands of years such elements could ensure the life of many generations and the earth on which they lived. But despite all the lost opportunities up to now, this NGO is hoping to be able to continue and extend its cultural activities with the help of those who are .going to engage themselves in this direction

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Cooperation with Zagros cultural Ecology


Phone number & Whats App :00989930465752

Instagram: @zagrosecology

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If you believe you can support us or cooperate with this group, please do contact us in order to become a member of our family in mind and heart.

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