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رزم­ نامه یا شاهنامه کُردی اسطوره‌های کهن زاگروس

Kurdish Epic in Gurāni-Lakki verses 

It is now several years, since I was first informed about the existence of an epic and mythological literature among the southern Kurds. Although I was able to obtain some copies of framents of such literature, I was not able to build an idea about the nature of these writings. Since some years ago, I have been carrying out  an extensive investigation in this field and became clear that we are dealing with a unique cultural phenomemon. Now I am glad that after several difficult years, I am able to publish one important part of my research works.

I have spent many years in Indian and European libraries, reading all what I found about the culture of historical „Iran“. Perhaps there are not many books or article especially about Western Iranian culture, at least in Persian, English and German, which I have not read or checked. My long term investigation and findings at the end put me to a postion to make an important dicesion regarding my scientific career.

Kurdish Epic in Gurāni-Lakki verses

I had come to believe that in an area between Ctesiphon and Hamadan, since a long time a cultural unit had existed and still exist in one way or another up to the present times. It seems that in certain preriods of time, this cultural unit has included some other areas beyond the mentioned borders; perhaps westwards until Shaikhan and eastwards until Sohravard.

Until now I have not found a better description for this cultural area than that of Rawlinson, who simply called it „Little India“; due to the diversity, depth and antiquity of its cultures.

Therefore my discovery about the cultural importance of this area induced me to come to live in Kermanshah after completing my dessertation for submision to the University of Usnabruek in order to obtain the German professorship degree called „Habilitation“  (۱۹۹۸).

It is now about 15 years that I live in Kermanshah and work in the same field. Now despite the high personal cost of my long term field investigation, I have found much more evidences regarding my early idea about the existence of an important cultural unit in this part of the world. In addition to all what I have published up to now, the main part of my research remains to be performed in future.

 M.Reza Fariborz Hamzeh’ee

The collected data and evidences have led me to a theory regarding the same cultural area, which if proved several important views and theories about the cultural history of Iran need to be revised. But also the discovery of this Kurdish epic and the accompanied hypothetical analysis may engage several other scolars in future.

Despite several important publications regarding the Gurani literary language, it is not enough known that this language owns an important religious, mystical and romatic literature of some hundred years old. But the existence of also an epical mythological literature of an ancient origin in this language, is important enough to give it a special position among other languages. Still unfortunately Gurani is regarded as one of threatened languages and it is only after receiving relevent recognition that it might survive for some more time.

history and culture of Harsin
An interdisciplinary investigation about history and culture of Harsin

Publication of the Organization for Indigenous Knowledge and Oral Traditions of Western Iran, No. 14

Kurdish Epic in Gurāni-Lakki verses


Gurāni-Lakki verses

Volume: 2

  1. Reza Fariborz Hamzeh’ee

(PhD., Dr. phil., PD., Dr.habil.)

Razi University Press



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