Traditional Gardening and Forestry in Haurāmān

Traditional Gardening and Forestry in Haurāmān

Traditional Gardening and Forestry in Haurāmān

This is the third volume in a writing serial titled: “From Under-Development to Sustainable Development”. In the first volume titled: “International Theories of Development and Under-Development” most of the theories regarding development were introduced to the Persian speaking communities. Among the theories of development the one called “Modernization” as well as those of Marxist and Neo-Marxist theories of development were discussed. In the last capital in this volume, a theory regarding under-development in historical Iran by Fariborz Hamzeh’ee has been introduced.

The second volume in the above mentioned serial was completely devoted to different international Theories of Sustainable Development. In the sixth capital of this volume, the importance of indigenous knowledge from different point of view is explained.

One of the important points regarding indigenous knowledge is that despite its universality, local factors and conditions may define its direction and should always be taken into consideration. In order to be able to make the best possible use of local indigenous Knowledge, before it disappears due to its oral ways of transmission, is the attempt to document them in all possible fields. Therefore in this volume, an example of “documentation” of indigenous Knowledge in the field of gardening and forestry is given.

A region called “Hȃurȃmȃn” in southern Kurdistan is located in both sides of international borders between Iran and Iraq. Hȃurȃmȃn is a very mountainous region in which agricultural land is so rare that since the ancient times, people have developed different methods to be able to produce their food through agriculture, gardening and forestry. Therefore in this volume, several different methods in the fields of gardening and  forestry as performed in Hȃurȃmȃn has been documented.


Traditional Gardening and Forestry in Haurāmānجایگاه دانش بومی و فرهنگ شفاهی در توسعه پایدار نمونه باغبانی و جنگلداری در هورامان
Traditional Gardening and Forestry in Haurāmān

Publication of the Organization for Indigenous Knowledge and Oral Traditions of Western Iran, No. 18

From Under-development to Sustainable Development

Vol. 3:

Indigenous Knowledge

Case Study:

Traditional Gardening and Forestry in Haurāmān

Reza Fariborz Hamzeh’ee

(PhD, Dr. phil, PD, Dr.habil.)


Mohammad Baqernasab

Razi University Press



Theories of Development and Underdevelopmen

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